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Main Entry: 1stand
Pronunciation: 'stand
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): stood /'stud/; stand·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English standan; akin to Old High German stantan, stAn to stand, Latin stare, Greek histanai to cause to stand, set, histasthai to stand, be standing
Date: before 12th century
intransitive verb
1 a : to support oneself on the feet in an erect position b : to be a specified height when fully erect <stands six feet two> c : to rise to an erect position
2 a : to take up or maintain a specified position or posture <stand aside> <can you stand on your head> b : to maintain one's position <stand firm>
3 : to be in a particular state or situation <stands accused>
4 : to hold a course at sea
5 obsolete : HESITATE
6 a : to have or maintain a relative position in or as if in a graded scale <stands first in the class> b : to be in a position to gain or lose because of an action taken or a commitment made <stands to make quite a profit>
7 chiefly British : to be a candidate : RUN
8 a : to rest or remain upright on a base or lower end <a clock stood on the mantle> b : to occupy a place or location <the house stands on a knoll>
9 a : to remain stationary or inactive <the car stood in the garage for a week> b : to gather slowly and remain <tears standing in her eyes>
10 : AGREE, ACCORD -- used chiefly in the expression it stands to reason
11 a : to exist in a definite written or printed form <copy a passage exactly as it stands> b : to remain valid or efficacious <the order given last week still stands>
12 of a male animal : to be available as a sire -- used especially of horses
13 : to refuse additional cards (as in blackjack)
transitive verb
1 a : to endure or undergo successfully <this book will stand the test of time> b : to tolerate without flinching : bear courageously <stands pain well> c : to endure the presence or personality of <can't stand the boss> d : to derive benefit or enjoyment from <you look like you could stand a drink>
2 : to remain firm in the face of <stand a siege>
3 : to submit to <stand trial>
4 a : to perform the duty of <stand guard> b : to participate in (a military formation)
5 : to pay the cost of (a treat) : pay for <I'll stand you a dinner> <stand drinks>
6 : to cause to stand : set upright
7 : to make available for breeding <stand a stallion>
synonym see BEAR
- stand·er noun
- stand a chance : to have a chance
- stand for
1 : to be a symbol for : REPRESENT
2 : to put up with : PERMIT
- stand on
1 : to depend on
2 : to insist on <never stands on ceremony>
- stand one's ground : to maintain one's position
- stand on one's own feet : to think or act independently
- stand tall : to exhibit courage, strength, or calm especially in the face of adversity
- stand treat : to pay the cost of food, drink, or entertainment for others in a group