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Main Entry: 1re新olve
Pronunciation: ri-'zälv, -'zolv also -'zäv or -'zov
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): re新olved; re新olv搏ng
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin resolvere to unloose, dissolve, from re- + solvere to loosen, release -- more at SOLVE
Date: 14th century
transitive verb
1 obsolete : DISSOLVE, MELT
2 a : BREAK UP, SEPARATE <the prism resolved the light into a play of color>; also : to change by disintegration b : to reduce by analysis <resolve the problem into simple elements> c : to distinguish between or make independently visible adjacent parts of d : to separate (a racemic compound or mixture) into the two components
3 : to cause resolution of (a pathological state)
4 a : to deal with successfully : clear up <resolve doubts> <resolve a dispute> b : to find an answer to c : to make clear or understandable d : to find a mathematical solution of e : to split up (as a vector) into two or more components especially in assigned directions
5 : to reach a firm decision about <resolve to get more sleep> <resolve disputed points in a text>
6 a : to declare or decide by a formal resolution and vote b : to change by resolution or formal vote <the house resolved itself into a committee>
7 : to make (as voice parts) progress from dissonance to consonance
8 : to work out the resolution of (as a play)
intransitive verb
1 : to become separated into component parts; also : to become reduced by dissolving or analysis
2 : to form a resolution : DETERMINE
4 : to progress from dissonance to consonance
synonym see DECIDE
- re新olv戢ble /-'zäl-v&-b&l, -'zol- also -'zä-v&- or -'zo-v&-/ adjective
- re新olv搪r noun