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Main Entry: ex·tin·guish
Pronunciation: ik-'sti[ng]-(g)wish
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Latin exstinguere (from ex- + stinguere to extinguish) + English -ish (as in abolish); akin to Latin instigare to incite -- more at STICK
Date: circa 1540
1 a (1) : to bring to an end : make an end of <hope for their safety was slowly extinguished> (2) : to reduce to silence or ineffectiveness b : to cause to cease burning : QUENCH c : to cause extinction of (a conditioned response) d : to dim the brightness of : ECLIPSE
2 a : to cause to be void : NULLIFY <extinguish a claim> b : to get rid of usually by payment <extinguish a debt>
- ex·tin·guish·able /-(g)wi-sh&-b&l/ adjective
- ex·tin·guish·er /-sh&r/ noun
- ex·tin·guish·ment /-m&nt/ noun