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Main Entry: ask
Pronunciation: 'ask, 'äsk; dialect 'aks
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): asked /'as(k)t, 'äs(k)t, 'ask; dialect 'akst/; ask·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English Ascian; akin to Old High German eiscOn to ask, Lithuanian eiskoti to seek, Sanskrit icchati he seeks
Date: before 12th century
transitive verb
1 a : to call on for an answer <she asked him about his trip> b : to put a question about <asking her whereabouts> c : SPEAK, UTTER <ask a question>
2 a : to make a request of <she asked her teacher for help> b : to make a request for <she asked help from her teacher>
3 : to call for : REQUIRE <a challenge that will ask much of us>
4 : to set as a price <asked $3000 for the car>
intransitive verb
1 : to seek information
2 : to make a request <asked for food>
3 : LOOK -- often used in the phrase ask for trouble
- ask·er noun
synonyms ASK, QUESTION, INTERROGATE, QUERY, INQUIRE mean to address a person in order to gain information. ASK implies no more than the putting of a question <ask for directions>. QUESTION usually suggests the asking of series of questions <questioned them about every detail of the trip>. INTERROGATE suggests formal or official systematic questioning <the prosecutor interrogated the witness all day>. QUERY implies a desire for authoritative information or confirmation <queried a librarian about the book>. INQUIRE implies a searching for facts or for truth often specifically by asking questions <began to inquire of friends and teachers what career she should pursue>.
synonyms ASK, REQUEST, SOLICIT mean to seek to obtain by making one's wants known. ASK implies no more than the statement of the desire <ask a favor of a friend>. REQUEST implies greater formality and courtesy <requests the pleasure of your company>. SOLICIT suggests a calling attention to one's wants or desires by public announcement or advertisement <a letter soliciting information>.
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Pronunciation Key
\&\ as a and u in  abut
\&\ as e in kitten
\&r\ as ur and er in  further
\a\ as a in ash
\A\ as a in ace
\ä\ as o in mop
\au\ as ou in out
\ch\ as ch in chin
\e\ as e in bet
\E\ as ea in easy
\g\ as g in go
\i\ as i in hit
I\ as i in ice
\j\ as j in job
\[ng]\ as ng in sing
\O\ as o in go
\o\ as aw in law
\oi\ as oy in boy
\th\ as th in thin
\th\ as th in the
\ü\ as oo in loot
\u\ as oo in foot
\y\ as y in yet
\zh\ as si in vision

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