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Main Entry: for·tu·itous
Pronunciation: for-'tü-&-t&s, -'tyü-, f&r-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin fortuitus; akin to Latin fort-, fors chance -- more at FORTUNE
Date: 1653
1 : occurring by chance
2 a : FORTUNATE, LUCKY <from a cost standpoint, the company's timing is fortuitous -- Business Week> b : coming or happening by a lucky chance <belted down the stairs, and there was a fortuitous train -- Doris Lessing>
synonym see ACCIDENTAL
- for·tu·itous·ly adverb
- for·tu·itous·ness noun
usage Sense 2a has been influenced in meaning by fortunate. It has been in standard if not elevated use for some 70 years, but is still disdained by some critics. Sense 2b, a blend of 1 and 2a, is virtually unnoticed by the critics. Sense 1 is the only sense commonly used in negative constructions.

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\au\ as ou in out
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\E\ as ea in easy
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\i\ as i in hit
I\ as i in ice
\j\ as j in job
\[ng]\ as ng in sing
\O\ as o in go
\o\ as aw in law
\oi\ as oy in boy
\th\ as th in thin
\th\ as th in the
\ü\ as oo in loot
\u\ as oo in foot
\y\ as y in yet
\zh\ as si in vision
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