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Main Entry: 1throw
Pronunciation: 'thrO
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): threw /'thrü/; thrown /'thrOn/; throw·ing
Etymology: Middle English thrawen, throwen to cause to twist, throw, from Old English thrAwan to cause to twist or turn; akin to Old High German drAen to turn, Latin terere to rub, Greek tribein to rub, tetrainein to bore, pierce
Date: 13th century
transitive verb
1 a : to propel through the air by a forward motion of the hand and arm <throw a baseball> b : to propel through the air in any manner <a rifle that can throw a bullet a mile> c : PITCH 6b <threw a no-hitter>
2 a : to cause to fall <threw his opponent> b : to cause to fall off : UNSEAT <the horse threw its rider> c : to get the better of : OVERCOME <the problem didn't throw her>
3 a : to fling (oneself) precipitately <threw herself down on the sofa> b : to drive or impel violently : DASH <the ship was thrown on a reef>
4 a (1) : to put in a particular position or condition <threw her arms around him> <thrown into chaos> <threw him into prison> (2) : to put on or off hastily or carelessly <threw on a coat> b : to bring to bear : EXERT <threw all his efforts into the boy's defense> <throw their weight behind the proposal> c : BUILD, CONSTRUCT <threw a pontoon bridge over the river>
5 : to form or shape on a potter's wheel
6 : to deliver (a blow) in or as if in boxing
7 : to twist two or more filaments of into a thread or yarn
8 a : to make a cast of (dice or a specified number on dice) b : ROLL 1a <throw a bowling ball>
9 : to give up : ABANDON
10 : to send forth : PROJECT <the setting sun threw long shadows>; also : SHED 3c <throw some light on the matter>
11 : to make (oneself) dependent : commit (oneself) for help, support, or protection <threw himself on the mercy of the court>
12 : DEPOSIT 2b <the wine throws sediment>
13 : to perform (as a stunt) successfully <throwing tricks on a skateboard>
14 : to indulge in : give way to <threw a temper tantrum>
15 a : to bring forth <throws a good crop> b : to give birth to <threw large litters>
16 : to lose intentionally <throw a game>
17 a : to move (a lever) so as to connect or disconnect parts of a clutch or switch; also : to make or break (a connection) with a lever b : to put (an automobile) in a different gear especially quickly or suddenly <he threw the car into reverse>
18 : to give by way of entertainment <throw a party>
intransitive verb : CAST, HURL
- throw·er /'thrO-&r/ noun
- throw cold water on : to discourage especially through pessimism or indifference
- throw money at : to spend large sums of money on or for especially recklessly or ineffectively <trying to solve problems by throwing money at them>
- throw one's weight around or throw one's weight about : to exercise influence or authority especially to an excessive degree or in an objectionable manner
- throw to the wolves : to leave unprotected against fierce opposition or attack
- throw together
1 : to put together in a hurried and usually careless manner <a bookshelf hastily thrown together>
2 : to bring into casual association <different kinds of people are thrown together -- Richard Sennett>
synonyms THROW, CAST, TOSS, FLING, HURL, PITCH, SLING mean to cause to move swiftly through space by a propulsive movement or a propelling force. THROW is general and interchangeable with the other terms but may specifically imply a distinctive motion with bent arm <can throw a fastball and a curve>. CAST usually implies lightness in the thing thrown and sometimes a scattering <cast it to the winds>. TOSS suggests a light or careless or aimless throwing and may imply an upward motion <tossed the coat on the bed>. FLING stresses a violent throwing <flung the ring back in his face>. HURL implies power as in throwing a massive weight <hurled himself at the intruder>. PITCH suggests throwing carefully at a target <pitch horseshoes>. SLING stresses either the use of whirling momentum in throwing or directness of aim <slung the bag over his shoulder>.

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