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Main Entry: in·ter·pose
Pronunciation: "in-t&r-'pOz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -posed; -pos·ing
Etymology: Middle French interposer, from Latin interponere (perfect indicative interposui), from inter- + ponere to put -- more at POSITION
Date: 1582
transitive verb
1 a : to place in an intervening position b : to put (oneself) between : INTRUDE
2 : to put forth by way of interference or intervention
3 : to introduce or throw in between the parts of a conversation or argument
intransitive verb
1 : to be or come between
2 : to step in between parties at variance : INTERVENE
- in·ter·pos·er noun
synonyms INTERPOSE, INTERFERE, INTERVENE, MEDIATE, INTERCEDE mean to come or go between. INTERPOSE often implies no more than this <interposed herself between him and the door>. INTERFERE implies hindering <noise interfered with my concentration>. INTERVENE may imply an occurring in space or time between two things or a stepping in to stop a conflict <quarreled until the manager intervened>. MEDIATE implies intervening between hostile factions <mediated between the parties>. INTERCEDE implies acting for an offender in begging mercy or forgiveness <interceded on our behalf>. synonym see in addition INTRODUCE

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