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Main Entry: 1banĚner
Pronunciation: 'ba-n&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English banere, from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin; akin to Gothic bandwo sign; probably akin to Greek phainein to show -- more at FANCY
Date: 13th century
1 a : a piece of cloth attached by one edge to a staff and used by a leader (as a monarch or feudal lord) as his standard b : 2FLAG 1 c : an ensign displaying a distinctive or symbolic device or legend; especially : one presented as an award of honor or distinction
2 : a headline in large type running across a newspaper page
3 : a strip of cloth on which a sign is painted <welcome banners stretched across the street>
4 : a name, slogan, or goal associated with a particular group or ideology <the new banner is "community control" -- F. M. Hechinger> -- often used with under <every new administration arrives...under the banner of change -- John Cogley>
5 : an advertisement graphic that runs usually across the top of a World Wide Web page

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\&\ as a and u in  abut
\&\ as e in kitten
\&r\ as ur and er in  further
\a\ as a in ash
\A\ as a in ace
\ä\ as o in mop
\au\ as ou in out
\ch\ as ch in chin
\e\ as e in bet
\E\ as ea in easy
\g\ as g in go
\i\ as i in hit
I\ as i in ice
\j\ as j in job
\[ng]\ as ng in sing
\O\ as o in go
\o\ as aw in law
\oi\ as oy in boy
\th\ as th in thin
\th\ as th in the
\ü\ as oo in loot
\u\ as oo in foot
\y\ as y in yet
\zh\ as si in vision
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